Which PolarCool Fan Do I Have?

To determine which size fan you currently have will help direct you to the parts specific to your fan.

  • First, is your fan plastic or stainless steel? If your fan is plastic then your fan is a POLARCOOL 36” ZONE
  • If your fan is stainless steel, First check for a grey product serial # label located under the lid of fan on the right side this is where your pads are located. This label would give you a Serial # and a Description of which size fan you have, in the description it would say that it was a 18”, 24”, 36”, or 48”.
  • If there is no label under the lid of your stainless steel fan then measure the diameter of the fan blade this would give you 18”, 24”, 36” or 48”, Then consider is your fan a single speed or variable speed, belt or direct drive, and what voltage, choose the size fan you have according to your labels description or the measurements of your fan blade.
  • Now you are ready to order replacement parts, under OUR FANS or STOREFRONT select the size fan you have to find parts specific to that fan. Also to view all parts available specifically to your fan go to SUPPORT and view the REPLACEMENTS PARTS link for your size fan.
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