Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide a general background on a variety
of issues. For further information, please feel free to contact PolarCool™ Customer Service at (888)765-5732

Can I buy parts from you directly? 

Yes. Parts and products may be purchased on our website at

Are you a reseller? Is your company Tax Exempt?

Please complete the online questionnaire and we can assist in getting your account created and activated with this status.

Where do I find the part number to my Polarcool?

• Stainless and powder coated units the part number is located on the label placed directly below the control panel.

• On an older model the label may be located under the hinged lid, behind the pads, and over the spray bar.

• On the “Plastic” model it is located on the right hand side on the back of the unit.

What are the actual weights and dimensions of the unit itself?

For more specifications of your unit please refer to /customer-service/ , then select the size of your unit.

What size area would unit cool?

What is the difference in PolarCool fans and regular fans or an air conditioner?

The PolarCool, which uses Evaporative Cooling provides spot and area cooling where it is needed. Evaporative cooling is a tested and efficient way to reduce air temperature by drawing incoming air across a wet surface. Evaporative cooling only requires two factors to be effective; water and moving air. When the warm air is moved across the wet surface some of the water evaporates. This causes the air coming out of the PolarCool to be cool. A regular fan and air conditioners use a lot of power to drive compressors and are not normally mobile.

Can I put my PolarCool in my office or work place?

PolarCool fans can be used anywhere that has a good flow of fresh air. PolarCool fans require flow larger than that of cracking a window in an office. The best place for PolarCool fans to be used is in a well ventilated area with a large air flow such as: a garage, workshop, greenhouse, automotive service areas and Body shops. PolarCool fans can also be used outdoors at sporting events or fitness areas.

I Ran My Evaporative Cooler For The First Time and There is an Unpleasant Odor.

When new, it is possible that a small amount of aromatic molecules may evaporate along with the water molecules, which could be detected as a slight smell. This scent lessens in time. Our product does not, in any way, allow harmful chemicals to be evaporated into the air. We also offer Refresh Tablets to help with this problem.

What Assembly is Required?

None. Most PolarCool portable evaporative coolers are ready to use right out of the box. The 18” PolarCool unit does require the casters to be installed. All units has a piece of tape holding the float valve in a safe position for shipping that will need to be removed prior to operation. Video: Unboxing Your PolarCool | Video: Initial Start Up

What Is The Amount Of Moisture Produced?

An increase in humidity of approximately 2% to 5% is produced, depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment. This increase is not noticeable in a ventilated area where the air produced by the cooler is exhausted.

How Do I Prepare My PolarCool Evaporative Cooler For Storage?

Drain the unit, dry out the evaporative media, cover the evaporative cooler and store in a dry place. We also suggest storing in one of our PolarCool Covers for storage.

Where are PolarCool fans made?

PolarCool products are made and assembled in Bremen, Alabama. We are 100% PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!