Manufacturing Plants Warehouses
PolarCool™ is ideal for spot cooling specific areas when total building temperature control is not practical.
Outdoor Restaurants
Enhance the pleasure of your outdoor dining by keeping guests cool and comfortable with PolarCool.
Sporting Events, Gyms & Fitness Areas
All types of outdoor team sporting events can benefit from PolarCool™… it helps teams “Defeat the Heat.”
Industries crossfit
Production Facilities
Just about any type of production facility will call for the comfort of a portable PolarCool™ evaporative cooling unit.
Greenhouse/Garden Centers
Green houses and garden centers are perfect areas for the effective cooling features of the PolarCool system.
Automotive Service Areas & Body Shops
PolarCool™ is ideally suited for the automotive environment. Service bays, garages, body shops, tire and brake centers, auto auctions.
Industries garage


We wanted a way to keep our horses and other animals in our barn cool during the summer months. We decided to give a swamp cooler a test run and we have been extremely satisfied with the results.

G. Payne

We were a little skeptical about evaporative cooling fans until we plugged in our polarcool fan. We are no longer questioning the technology of evap cooling. It’s incredible and we are lifetime customers!

C. Cotton

Thank you Polarcool for producing such a high quality product. Our warehouse has seen great improvements in certain areas that were previously unbearable because of the heat. We now work and remain cool.

G. Herman

We have used PolarCool fans for the past 5 years in our automotive repair business and we have tremendous success keeping the air cool and making it more comfortable for all of our employees.

T. Bryant