Freight Receipt Policy

It is always our goal to get your purchase to you quick, undamaged, and at a value. PolarCool units are large and must be shipped via LTL carriers in order for us to give you the most value for your purchase. At times these units may pass through multiple freight terminals and transfer to multiple trailers. Damage can happen, please review the types of damage below before you receive your product in the best condition.
Visible Damage
Has your new PolarCool product arrived at your facility? Please inspect goods thoroughly for any damage before accepting freight. If damage is visible you should refuse the shipment and contact PolarCool Customer Service to notify of refusal. If you aren’t sure if damage is present please note “possible damage” on the Delivery Receipt in case damage is found upon uncrating and take photos of the damage. Note: Replacement Pad kits are made of very fragile materials. Shipment should be refused if the slightest damaged is noticed.
Concealed Damage
Did you find damage to the product while uncrating that was not previously recognized at the time of receipt? This is considered concealed damage. Since the product is now in your possession PolarCool has very limited jurisdiction on filing claims with the freight company. Please contact PolarCool Customer Service for assistance in this process. We will supply you with the necessary documents to complete the claim as well as walk you through the claim process.
Uncrating Your PolarCool Fan
How to properly remove a PolarCool fan from the crate.