18″ PolarCool Fans – Evaporative Coolers

18″ PolarCool Fans – Evaporative Coolers

18” Variable Speed #6622-3000 (115v) – Stainless – Buy Now @ PolarCoolStore.com

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18” Variable Speed #6622-1000 (115v) – Black Powder Coated – Buy Now @ PolarCoolStore.com

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Benefits and Features

Small and Convenient Unit – Provides excellent air flow and cooling in areas where space is limited.

FAST SHIPPING – we offer fast shipping to all lower 48 U.S. state with online orders.

Stainless Steel Cabinet (Product #6622-3000) – Gives you durability and long life. Holds its shape in the sunlight and allows you to wipe it clean after many years of use.

Black Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Cabinet (Product #6622-1000) – Also provides durability and long life with a powder coated galvanized steel housing.

Variable Speed System – Provides 10 speeds to choose from.

Touch Pad Interface – A modern touch pad interface that allows control of both pump and fan speeds. With our touch pad interface, just push the ON button for the pump. Then press ON button for the fan and select one of the 10 different speeds.

Low Water Shut Off – Shuts off the pump, for protection, just in case the water runs out or limited amount of water in reservoir.

Anti-Bacterial Coating – on the paper media (pads) keeps bacterial growth down plus gives structural strength and extends the life of the pads.

Hinged Top Cover – Providing easy access and maintenance to the pads. The pads will need to be removed and cleaned periodically. Provides direct access to internal components.

Specifications and Performance

Reference Manuals #4801-5035, #4801-5312, #4801-5314, #4802-5200, #4802-5091, #4802-5076

The following table shows estimates of the performance of the 18” PolarCool. These values could vary depending on the particular installation and operating conditions.

Note 1: This estimate is under 90+ degree conditions; cooler temperatures will result in less water usage.
Note 2: Cooling is very dependent on the relative humidity, temperature and area being cooled.

Temperature Differential Readings
The temperature drop from inlet to exit is very dependent on relative humidity and temperature. The higher the ambient temperature and the drier the air, the greater the drop. A temperature drop of 10 to 20 degrees is common.

Weights and Dimensions

Unit Dimension (inches) – *49½h x 24w x 20d
Shipping Dimensions (inches) – **50h x 36w x 24d
*with casters installed
**18″ ships without casters installed, boxed and banded down to 36″x24″ pallet
Weight (lbs) (No Water) – 134
Weight (lbs) (Water Added) –

Noise Levels in Decibels
Low – 19.4 Med – 24.8 High – 29.1

Supplies and Replacement Parts