48” PolarCool™ Fans

48” Single Speed #6622-3502 (230v/60hz) and 48” Single Speed #6622-3503 (230v/50hz)

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48 Polar Cool 6622-3502 (1)

Benefits and Features

Largest Unit – Provides outstanding air flow and cooling in all areas where evaporative cooling is most effective.

Stainless Steel Cabinet – Gives you durability and long life. Holds its shape in the sunlight and allows you to wipe it clean after many years of use.

Anti-Bacterial Coating – on the paper media (pads) keeps bacterial growth down plus gives structural strength and extends the life of the pads.

Hinged Top Cover – Providing easy access and maintenance to the pads. The pads will need to be removed and cleaned periodically. Provides direct access internally.

Specifications and Performance

Reference Manuals #4801-5035, #4801-5312, #4801-5314, #4802-5076

The following table shows estimates of the performance of the 48” PolarCools. These values will vary depending on the particular installation and operating conditions.


Note 1: This estimate is under 90+ degree conditions; cooler temperatures will result in less water usage.
Note 2: The cooling area is very dependent on the relative humidity, temperature, and the space being cooled. The higher the ambient temperature and the drier the air, the greater the drop. A temperature drop of 10 to 20 degrees is common.

Weights and Dimensions (48” SS)

Unit Dimension (inches) – 73w x 74 3/4h x 34 3/4d
Shipping Dimensions (inches) – 79w x 41d x 79h
Weight (lbs) (No Water) – 625
Weight (lbs) (Water Added) –

Noise Levels in Decibels
48” SS Low – NA Med – NA High – 35.2

Supplies and Replacement Parts