Industries & Applications

Manufacturing Plants

PolarCoolPolarCool™ is ideal for spot cooling specific areas
when total building temperature control is not practical.

Exterior Wall Mounting

Exterior Wall Mounting provides an excellent option for cooling large areas. Less opportunity exists for air blockage from equipment, automobiles, etc. Employees are cooled as
the cool air drops and no floor space is consumed.

Outdoor Restaurants

PolarCoolEnhance the pleasure of your outdoor dining by keeping guests cool and comfortable with PolarCool.


Industries that need cooling in any certain areas at a time can really benefit from the mobility of PolarCool™.

Sporting Events

PolarCoolAll types of outdoor team sporting events can benefit from PolarCool™… it helps teams “Defeat the Heat.”

Production Facilities

Just about any type of production facility calls for the comfort of a portable PolarCool™ unit.


PolarCool™ is ideally suited for the automotive environment. Service bays, garages, body shops, tire and brake centers, auto auctions.

Greenhouse/Garden Centers

Green houses and garden centers are perfect areas for the effective cooling features of the PolarCool system.

and Many, Many More